What’s on TV?

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time at home and have been pleasantly surprised by some of the new shows on primetime. I’ve never been a fan of predictable sitcoms (ie Friends), and I can’t stand reality televion, so usually I end up watching a lot of SNL reruns and YouTube! In addition to a great SNL season, I’ve been watching Superstore which cracks me up. It’s about the employees at a Walmart-like store called Cloud 9 and stars American Ferreira. Each character’s funny quirks make the show fun to watch and the candid cameras of the store are too funny. When Mateo got deported by ICE it was also extremely real and timely. This is the last season of Will and Grace (although they have said that before) and in this season she is pregnant and going to raise her baby with Will, of course. Karen and Jack are as funny as ever (see my Kick-ass characters category for analysis of Karen Walker.) It’s also the last season of Fresh Off the Boat which makes me glad, because while still good for some mild laughs it’s nowhere near as funny as the earlier seasons which were hilarious. My guilty pleasure is probably the new show Perfect Harmony about a Princeton music professor who takes charge of a small town church choir. It starts Anna Camp from the Pitch Perfect and predictably has singing and dancing. It also has Rizwan Manji who stars as an Indian reverend whose Christian family renamed all popular movies and tv with moral titles, like “…that kid’s tv show with Bert and Ernie called ‘It’s okay if you’re gay as long as you don’t acknowledge it.'”

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