You probably want to know, what the heck is this exactly? Basically it’s a blog page for my book Adventures in Datingland. I created some categories that I am interested in—books, movies, cooking, cool women, interesting fictional characters—and I hope to add more stuff as this grows.

I started writing down these stories many years ago because some of the dating situations and scenarios I found myself in were just too funny to not share with others. While most of these stories are highly exaggerated and embellished, the kernel of truth at each of these is that we live in a world which is not always welcoming to people who don’t “fit the mold,” and tends to squash individuality and uniqueness while celebrating self-centeredness, conformity, hypocrisy and lack of awareness.

We spend too much time on our phones and computers (yes I recognize the irony of blogging about this on my computer), too much time watching instead of doing, and too much time working to buy things instead of enjoying what we have. I would love to see us emerge from the last four years stronger, wiser and with a better sense of community and purpose. I would love to see us as a society not follow what celebrities and the media tell us and instead make connections with those around us, go out and seek new adventures, or try something out of our comfort zone. Despite technology, we are more isolated than ever, and this has crippling effects on our health and our emotional well-being. My goal is to create a platform where people can learn something they didn’t know, talk about important stuff, and hopefully laugh along the way!

Thanks for reading!